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Core Beliefs: SPACE

Safety All children can learn in a safe and supportive environment

Partnership Education is a partnership among students, educators, parents, and the community

Accountability Life is about choices, personal responsibility and personal accountability

Communication The foundation for relationships, progress, and success

Equality Every person should be treated with dignity and respect

General Information

Independent Study Policies and Contracts

Short Term Independent Study Contracts

Independent Study Contracts allow students to complete their class work and homework assignments away from the school campus while not being considered absent during these days. The following conditions must be met to participate in the short term independent study: The minimum number of days of participation is 5 (five) and the maximum is 20 (twenty). If the student is absent after 20 days, he/she may be dropped from school rolls. The parent must complete the application request 3 school days prior to the planned leave. The director must approve the request. The student and parent must sign the appropriate form and pick up assignments before independent study begins. Assigned work must be completed and returned the day the student returns or designated day or return, whichever comes first. If the assigned work is not returned on time, the student will not receive attendance credit, per California Education Code.

Independent Study Contract for Military Families

RCS may grant up to five days of excused absences for military-connected students whose parents are experiencing a deployment. The conditions under which the school may approve excused absences are: (1) the absence is pre-approved; (2) the student is in good standing; (3) the student has a prior record of good attendance; (4) missed work is completed and turned in within the school’s allotted time period; and (5) the absence is not during standardized testing dates.

Attendance Policies

School attendance is vital to student’s achievement. Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially.

Attendance Matters!

 When students attend school, they get better grades, score better on standardized tests and are more likely to go to college.

 It is our responsibility to teach students the importance of attendance now so they are prepared for the future. Employers say good attendance demonstrates responsibility and is a key factor in the hiring and promotion of employees.

 It’s the law. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children go to school. When parents are at work, students should be safe at school.

Parent Influence Attendance- Get Involved!

 Plan family vacations for non-school days only.

 Schedule non-emergency medical and dental appointments after school hours.

 Make sure your child’s school has your accurate daytime contact information, including cell phone number and/or email address.

 Communicate often with your child’s teachers.

 Gain access to AERIES and monitor your child(ren) up-to-the-minute progress online. Ask your school attendance clerk about AERIES.

 Make your school aware of any problems that may be causing your child to miss school.

Every student is expected to attend school on a daily basis, unless there is a valid justification for his or her absence (E.C. 48200). Do not allow your child to have “parent permitted truancies.” These truancies are best described as absences for reasons other than what the law allows. They may include the following: personal business, car problems, no clean clothes and rain.

Attendance Recognition Program

Classes with perfect attendance and having the most students to school on time will receive special monthly recognitions during the school year. Every student will be encouraged to develop good school attendance habits.

Individual attendance certificates will be awarded to students with perfect attendance throughout the school year. Regular and prompt attendance increases instructional time in the classroom, minimizes classroom interruptions, and fosters good lifelong habits.

Attendance Hours: Students on Campus Before/After School

Students are not to arrive on campus before 7:30 a.m., unless requested by a teacher. Once on campus, students are not allowed to leave without permission. The first bell rings at 7:55 a.m. and students must be in class and ready to begin at 8:00 a.m. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. must report to the office for a tardy slip to keep from being marked absent. School ends at 3:00 p.m. and at 12:15 p.m. on Flex/Minimum Days. Students are to leave campus directly after school, unless they are staying for an authorized activity. If students are staying for an activity they are to remain with their teacher until they are released to the activity.

Early Sign Out

We at RCS understand that there are times when you may need to schedule an appointment during your child's classroom time. If you need to pull your child out of school during the school day, we ask that you please notify the office in advance to ensure a smooth pick up. The best way is to let us know in the morning if it is for any type of Doctor appointment, this way we can send your student with an early dismissal slip with him or her to class and will ensure they are in front office ready to go by designated time.

Please note that NO MINOR may sign out any other student, it must be an adult. This is for the safety of every child here at RCS. All pick ups must be cleared by front office. Your child may not sign themselves out of school.

Also, due to changes made to state attendance policies, please be advised that any part day absence from school exceeding 30 minutes will result in an unexcused absence. Please make sure to bring in a doctors note if your student is absent for medical reasons. We apologize for any inconveniences this change may cause.

Behavior/Discipline Policy

Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) is a framework of expected student behaviors in common areas on campus. Common areas include line up area, cafeteria, restrooms, and playground. Behavior expectations are communicated in a matrix and are modeled and taught to all students. The framework can be found on page 21 of our handbook.

Discipline Referral

Teachers are empowered to handle student misbehavior in their classrooms and hold students accountable for their conduct on the way to and from school and the playground. Non-compliance may result in referral to the office to speak with the Director or designee. Students are to immediately report to the Director or designee when referred to the office. A referral will result in, but is not limited to, one or more of the following consequences:  Restoration: Repairing any harm caused by behavior or action  Logical Consequence: A consequence that aligns with improper behavior or action  Detention: After school, lunch detention, or campus clean-up.  Suspension: In-school or out-of-school suspension of 1-5 days depending upon the severity of the offense. Suspensions may be extended past the initial 5 days if an expulsion hearing is pending.  Expulsion: Results in the student not attending school at RCS and the parents/guardians seeking placement elsewhere. This decision is made in a hearing with the Ridgecrest Charter School Governing Board per applicable state law.

On-Campus Suspension (OCS) Procedures

A student serving on-school suspension must be brought to the school office and picked up from the school office by a parent or guardian. Students serving On-Campus Suspension that arrive early to school will wait in the office for the first bell to ring. Students in OCS may be on campus to attend tutoring, but they are not allowed on campus before or after school to participate in any other school activities. Students will do their class work in a location other than their regular classroom. During free time activities and lunch time, they will be sent to a central location for monitoring. After school, students will wait in the office for parent/guardians to pick them up and ensure they are off campus. In the event a parent or family member is not able to pick the student up, they will be released to go home at 3:15 p.m. from the school office. Students who are in OCS will not be allowed to participate in their regular activities in their regular classroom setting and extracurricular activities such as class field trips, dances, and assemblies. One or more OCS referrals in one trimester may result in a loss of an upcoming field trip for that trimester. Students who refuse to follow the rules of the “On Campus” suspension will be suspended out of school.

Suspension Procedure

All suspensions will be preceded, if possible, by a conference between the student and the Director or designee, the student’s parent, and whenever practical, the teacher, supervisor, or School employee who referred the student to the Director or designee. The conference may be omitted if the Director or designee determines that an emergency situation exists. An “emergency situation” involves a clear and present danger to the lives, safety or health of students or Charter School personnel. If a student is suspended without this conference, both the parent/guardian and student shall be notified of the student’s right to return to school for the purpose of a conference. At the conference the student shall be informed of the reason for the disciplinary action and evidence against him/her, and be given an opportunity to bring forth evidence in his or her self-defense. However, a conference shall be held within 2 school days, unless the student waives this right or is physically unable to attend for any reason including, but not limited to, incarceration nor hospitalization. No penalties may be imposed on a pupil for failure of the pupil’s parent or guardian to attend a conference with Charter School officials. Reinstatement of the suspended pupil shall not be contingent upon attendance by the pupil’s parent or guardian at the conference. It is the policy of the school to make a reasonable effort to contact by telephone or in person parents/guardians at the time of the suspension. Additionally, a written notice will be sent to the home of the student in all cases involving suspension and expulsion. A complete copy of the School’s Suspension and Expulsion policy outlining these procedures further is available on the school’s website at