About RCS

  • Ridgecrest Charter School is a TUITION FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL!
    • We are not a private school and there is NO COST to attend.
  • RCS offers CLASS SIZE REDUCTION and a closed campus for student safety.
    • Students are known on an individual first-name basis by all staff members.
  • All RCS teachers are CREDENTIALED.
    • All teachers have the same credential requirements any other school in California.
    • All teachers have California Teaching Credentials.
    • RCS is not affiliated with any churches or religious organizations.
  • RCS students wear UNIFORMS in an effort to promote school unity.
    • Uniforms eliminate name-brand clothing competition among students.
  • There are NO school district BOUNDARIES (we are open to everyone).
    • The school is open to any student within the community.
  • RCS uses CALIFORNIA STANDARD-aligned text books.
    • We follow the rigorous standards of the state-adopted curriculum.
  • RCS 5th Grade students attend an OUTDOOR EDUCATION program.
    • Students attend Camp KEEP in Montana de Oro, CA.
    • The school works together to raise funds to pay for this trip.
    • Parents and Guardians are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at RCS.
  • Ridgecrest Charter School currently has openings for families and students who want the best education Ridgecrest has to offer. Come visit the school and see what RCS has to offer!

RCS’s mission is to provide all students with an exceptional education that will allow them to excel inside and outside the classroom. RCS seeks to achieve this mission by offering students a rigorous core curriculum, an outstanding staff, high standards and expectations, extended instructional hours, and personalized learning opportunities. RCS will strive to ensure that students are prepared for college and for the 21st Century world and workplace by creating students with higher order thinking skills.

RCS seeks to: provide targeted instruction and support services to accelerate growth among students under‐prepared for high school success, and (as a consequence) prepare them for college.

The mission of Ridgecrest Charter School is to provide an experience-centered, life-long learner based environment that enables each student to meet the academic challenges and develop the social, emotional, and physical understanding necessary to succeed in life.


We seek to establish an educational environment that is creative, academically rigorous and emotionally nurturing. Ridgecrest Charter School will provide a safe and supportive environment that empowers students with the strategies and tools to become lifelong learners and informed, responsible citizens to function effectively in the 21st century global environment.

Whom the Charter School is Attempting to Educate

Ridgecrest Charter School is committed to providing a successful, safe, and rigorous educational experience aligned to the Common Core State Standards, while promoting the joy, dedication to, and importance of learning for all of our students. Ridgecrest Charter School welcomes, as space and resources are available, all California residents legally able to attend a California public school in grades transitional kindergarten (“TK”) – 8. Our educational program is committed to academic, social, civic, and character development. Our current 2016-2017 enrollment is approximately 500 students; we anticipate that the enrollment will reach approximately 560 students at the end of the renewal charter term. The Charter School’s student population reflects that of the District (data from 2011 CALPADS and 2012 STAR testing.

Mascot & School Color

Our mascot is the EAGLE and our school colors are RED, WHITE and BLUE