Our Eagle PRIDE

Proficient Communicators

Research and Technologically Proficient Students

Investigative problem solvers

Diligent scholars

Ethical and honest students

Dress Code 411

Here is a quick go to for what is deemed acceptable dress code attire. Please make sure you follow these at all times, lost class instruction and even lost work time on your parents part needs to be avoided.

Approved colors for bottoms for boys and girls are: Khaki, black, or blue. NO DENIM,SKINNY JEANS, OR LEGGINGS(unless under romper or skirt)

Tops: Polo T-shirts any SOLID COLORS, on Fridays you may wear a collarless plain t-shirt, or any RCS Spirit wear tops.


RCS now has a website with Lands' End to provide you with uniforms! Embroidery of our logo is optional on several items. A portion of each purchase goes back to the school! Start shopping today!

CLICK HERE to be redirected to website

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